Advanced Socially Interactive Virtual Reality
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Precise positioning that enables highly immersive experiences

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Occlusive free movements that completely eliminate breaks in immersion 


No backpacks - real time finger tracking and tracked physical objects

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The Edge VR

Advanced virtual reality technology for entertainment and beyond.

When you visit The Edge VR in Westchester, New York, you experience a VR world unlike any other. Become fully immersed as you choose a full body avatar and walk freely, interacting with your friends and objects. Currently showcasing our fully interactive, multi-player VR adventure, The Edge of Space. Our new competitive esports game, Outpost X launches in Summer 2024.

Through our team's advanced developments in VR technology, participants can move without heavy backpacks or tethers. It's a clear difference from the typical virtual reality home gaming console or arcade games that are widely available. We only feature our custom built, highly immersive VR experiences.

The Edge VR can seamlessly adapt this same advanced technology beyond gaming. Our team has pioneered revolutionary magnetic tracking optimized for room-scale VR, training simulations, as well as immersive education sector applications. It uses patented magnetic calibration and distortion correction methods coupled with a high-speed wireless display. This allow us to deliver superior graphics in addition to rendering a highly immersive virtual environment. Our new advancements take VR to another level.